Congress 60

Tehran, Iran


Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

Congress 60 is a Non-Governmental Organisation, established in November 1999 in Tehran, based on the treatment and care philosophy developed by its founder, Mr Hossein Dezhakam.
Mr Dezhakam established Congress 60 under the slogan of 'Lets curb this devastating flame' to work with a step-by-step travel through detoxification from drugs.
Congress 60 aims at helping people with a problem of drug addiction that are willing to withdraw their habit. The organisation works under the principles of love, wisdom, respect and faith and involves ex users and their families in the process of recovery and in helping other users along the treatment path. The triangle of care proposed by Congress 60 involves approaching the problem of addiction through three angles at the same time, that of the person's attitude, his body and his soul. Congress 60 strongly believes that it is the drug of abuse, which is the best medication for detoxification through a process of reduction in use while at the same time intensely working on attitude through its guidance system of involving former drug users as a guide, and body through sports.


Family meeting Congress 60

Congress 60 is an independent organisation and financially rely on own resources. Its work is supported by the Iranian Drug Control Head quarters (which currently supports a pilot project on heroine detoxification through opium tincture, for about 1000 clients registered with Congress60), local, national and international organisations.


Traditional sport, Congress 60

The main seat of the organisation is in Tehran, but new centres and branches are continuously being open in several Iranian cities.
Congress 60 is widely respected in Tehran as they treat successfully with a large number of clients many of whom come from the lower middle class level of society. Congress 60 value is recognised also for its being on the most part financially independent and based on voluntary work. This is the case also for the governmental recognition and support, being the government aware that above 10% of the Iranian population is affect in some way by drug use and addiction.

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